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All donations to The Highground, a 501(c)3 organization are tax-deductible

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  • Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project, Inc.
  • EIN 39-1512902
  • Chartered 1984


Thank you for your generosity. Welcome to The Highground family.


It is true we, as stewards of The Highground, are always asking for donations. It is sometimes easy for those of us who come here daily to forget the real reason, so we imagine it is easy from a distance to forget why The Highground needs the donations. Fortunately, the spirit of The Highground has its own way of reminding us about what is important. Here is a very short set of true stories about the healing and education that occurs on The Highground with every visit.


A man drove onto the plaza. He sat for a moment looking toward the point. The next time I saw him, he was slowly walking from tribute to tribute. A few minutes later he came into the building and said, "This is the first time I have been here, why do I feel this way?" Tears spilled from his eyes and fell down his cheeks. He then shared his personal story of pain and sorrow with us. For him healing had begun here.


Within a week of this experience, a man walked into the shop with his son and grandson. He spent some time going through our Registry books. When asked if we could help him, he replied that his family had placed a Legacy Stone for one of their members--an older veteran. Since the placement of this veteran's Legacy Stone, the veteran had begun to talk about his experiences in WWII. It seemed to be a relief to the veteran and an unexpected gift for the family. This man wanted to record the stories and place them in the Registry.


There was a teenager that came with her school group to tour The Highground and found her grandfather's Legacy Stone. She was so excited because she had not known about the Stone. We copied the Registry material, and she took it home to her mother.


If you wonder what do you, the donor, get from your contribution, the answer lies in all the stories that happen here. It is your contributions that keep The Highground open and allow people to come here for healing and education. We get to open the door for others and to reconnect with our inner spirit.




Highground Wish List
Persian Gulf Tribute Wishlist

> Volunteers Needed

  • See the list in the Volunteers tab


> Donations for Development Forest & Trails


These items and the estimated costs change often. We thank all who keep track of our wish list and help us get the items we need to meet the maintenance and operating demands of the park.


> Specific Items Needed


-LED lights for parking lot to save 90% of energy: $2109


-Endowment Fund Donors & Bequest Donors


-Memorials: Honor your loved ones

-Learning Center Exhibit fund: Ongoing need


-Highway road sign needs solar charger or digital sign: $2600


-2 or 3 more golf carts for visitors:

                         Thanks for 2- six passenger carts and one 4 passenger so far





-Persian Gulf Tribute grass preparation: $1365

-Jersey Barriers: 10 remaining @ $4,000/each

-Texas Barrier: Thanks Hardees of Neillsville, Colby & Meford

-Honor Stones: 930 @ $600/each

-Persian Gulf benches: thanks -- all sponsored

-Battlefield Cross: 1 @ $20,000

-3 figure statue w/o base: $125,000

-Single figure statue: 2 @ $100,000/each

-Pathway Bollards to Tribute: 6 more @$1000 each

-Persian Gulf Big Map to sign: $1500; Thanks for $500 so far


Learning Center Exhibit Wishlist


The Learning Center has an opportunity to obtain some fascinating exhibits for 2017. However, these exhibits come with a price tag. Can you help?  Send a donation for this new fund today and watch for upcoming exhibits thanks to YOU!