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Friends of The Highground Dinner

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Sixty-eight donors were invited to attend the annual “Friends of The Highground” dinner that was held in February at Fannies. This dinner is a way of thanking those generous donors who support The Highground with cumulative annual donations in excess of $1000. After a warm welcome by Kirk Rodman, Volunteer General Manager and an invocation by Don Quicker, Board Member, a pleasant dinner was enjoyed by those in attendance. This is the tenth year The Highground has presented plaques to those meeting the $1000 minimum donation. Each year a new picture plaque is created to present to the donors. Only two have acquired all ten plaques—Thank you WCCN and Dr. John Scaletta! You have not missed one year of support to The Highground. WCCN generously announces events; while Scaletta has contributed to many different needs with the most recent ones being the purchase of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) books that are given to those who come to The Highground. Over 600 books were distributed free in 2013 because of his generous donation.

Another special recognition was given to Kirk and Nancy Rodman for their years of service and dedication to raising funds to “keep the lights on” at The Highground Veterans Park.  Kirk is the Volunteer General Manager and Nancy is the Volunteer Gift Shop Manager. They just completed their 15th year, watching the growth and changes evolve. 

The evening ended with Kirk Rodman highlighting 2014’s Goals. Topping the Board’s list is the formation and implementation of an Endowment Fund, plus, utilizing the latest land purchase for another facility and additional parking. Other goals include the construction continuation of the Wisconsin Persian Gulf Tribute; creation of the Military Working Dog Tribute; installation of the Learning Center sprinkler system; working with a Boy Scout (to earn his Eagle Scout designation) for lower restroom facilities and more!  Watch the website and facebook as projects come to fruition.





2013 Friends of The Highground

Thank you!!


10th Year Recognition

Kevin & Peggy Grap, WCCN

John Scaletta


9th Year Recognition

Joan Jungwirth


8th Year Recognition

Carl & Sue Floerke

Leon Meidam

Randy Meyer

Jerry Simon

Jerry & Alice Smith


7th Year Recognition

John Lynch—Buggs’ Place

Verne & Laverne Vollrath


6th Year Recognition

Listeman Foundation

Walter Tollefson

VFW Mar-Lin Post 10203

Tom & Anita Werthman


5th Year Recognition

City of Neillsville

James & Susan Fox

Gary Karczewski

Mike & Jody Olson


4th Year Recognition

Jim Braatz

Hardee’s Cougar Enterprise

Michael & Joyce Huebsch

Steve & Karen Maddox

Andy Rueth

VVA Chapter 639

Wes Waterman

Lucinda Zimmer

3rd Year Recognition

Stanton & Connie Braun

Dennis Herzberg

Joyce & Thomas Hoffman

Ind Hardee’s Franchisee Assoc

Mark & Celeste Kaufman

Dave Sharretts

Robert & Caryl Solberg

Team Far

Gary Weirauch


2nd Year Recognition

Citizens State Bank of Loyal

Maggie Mae & Roger Hilliard

David Kemp

Skip & Deb Klabon

Amy Melvin

John & Blanca Morrow

Donald & Noreen Schmidt

Steve Swanson


1st Year Recognition

Abbotsford Story

Randy Blackorbay

Robert Brandt

Diane Brockman

Chilson Subaru

Combat Parts

Scott & Lori Daentl

DAV Wm F. Speel Chapter 18

Dave Fields

Bill & Kathy Flemal

Haupt Well & Pump Co., Inc.

John Joadwine

Leroy & Taylor Johnson

Henry & Dolores Kowalski

William LeCourt

Dick & Verla Lysy

Francis Melvin, Inc.

Dick Miller

Alan & Martha Palmer
(Friends on 2 Wheels)

Cole Peterson

Thomas & Sharon Sharrett

Mary Jane Troudt

Arlene Turner

Bill Weiler, Sniteman Pharmacy

Don & LaVonne Zietlow



Andy Rueth
Bill and Kathy Flemal
Bill Weiler of Sniteman Pharmacy
Bob Solberg
Chilson Subaru
Citizens State Bank of Loyal
City of Neillsville Mayor Steve Mabie
DAV WM F Speel Chapter 18
Dave and Corliss Fields
Dave Droste of Hardees
Dave Kemp
Dave Shartetts
Dennis and Sharon Herzberg
Don Quicker
Donald and Noreen Schmidt
Gary Karczewski
Gary Weirauch
Hardees of Neillsville Medford and Colby
Jerry Simon
John Scaletta
Karen and Steve Maddox
Kirk Rodman
Leon Meidam
Leroy and Taylor Johnson
Michael and Joyce Huebsch
on behalf of Cole Peterson
Randy Meyer
Skip and Deb Klabon
Steve Swanson
Team Far
Tom and Anita Werthman
Wes Waterman