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A Great Turnout for the “Half is Good Enough for Me” Half-Marathon & 5K!!

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2014 5k RESULTS


128 registered runners as well as a large group from the C.I.P. from the Dept of Corrections participated in the 3rd Annual “Half is Good Enough for Me” half-marathon and 5K event on Saturday, March 29th.  This ever-growing event, sponsored by Scheels of Eau Claire and Hardee’s, is one of the first outdoor running events of the year.  Participants were able to enjoy the great weather, clear roads and camaraderie of fellow runners!  

              The races started and ended at The Highground and raised over $1,560 for The Persian Gulf Tribute.

              The first three finishers of the half-marathon were:  Thaddeus Peterson of LaCrosse with a time of 1:26:54.593; Randy Aumann of Loyal with 1:31:27.913; and Jeremy Olson of Greenwood with 1:31:28.480.  The first three finishers of the 5K were:  Adam Zank of Augusta with a time of 00:21:47.216; Fred Walter of Neillsville with 00:22:28.180; and Tom Elmhorst of Marshfield with 00:22:37.740.  Several photos of the race are available on The Highground’s Facebook page.

              Many people and businesses combined their efforts to make the “Half is Good Enough for Me” a success.  The “Half is Good Enough for Me” would like to thank the Clark County Highway Department and  the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for aiding with the race’s safety concerns.  Adam and Ashley Davel donated the use of their driveway for the day of the race. Kari and Mark Mayer generously allowed the use of their tent at the Start and Finish. Jeff Strangfeld of Strangfeld Auto Body donated his time to help with road cones and mile markers. Thanks is also given to Advanced Promotional and Apparel and BJ Septic. Several volunteers were needed on race day to make the event run smoothly.  Thank you, wonderful volunteers!

              Amy Melvin, race organizer, founded the race in honor of her mother, Sandy Greene.  The “Other Half” of the “Half is Good Enough for Me” will be held in October with a half-marathon, 5K and one mile run in memory of Shannon Melvin.  Next year’s “Half is Good Enough for Me” will be March 28, 2015!


(bib # 107)– Thaddeus Peterson 


Adam Zank