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What is a Porch Greeter?!

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A Porch Greeter is one of the most important volunteer positions at The Highground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville.  Porch greeters are the volunteers that greet visitors to The Highground during the summer season of April through October.  In addition to welcoming visitors to the park, porch greeters are also able to answer questions about The Highground, inform visitors about upcoming special events and help guests experience the beauty and healing spirit of the park.

              A porch greeter usually volunteers one day a month from April to October.  Training is provided to get new porch greeters off to a good start. 

              Porch greeting is a very rewarding volunteer position.  These volunteers get to see the incredible healing and emotional impact that The Highground has upon visitors each day.

              If you are interested in learning more about volunteering as a Porch Greeter at The Highground please call 715-743-4224.




Enjoying the Porch Greeters Lunch at Apple Valley Bar & Grill in Neillsville.


members of the Military Working Dog committee joined us for lunch and read the names of the Wisconsin KIAs in the Persian Gulf and Fort Hood.

(l to r)Skip Klabon, David Kemp and Skip Sparks saluting during the reading of the names